Automatic and Manual Pool  Covers

Experience, knowledge and industry affiliation keep us in line with pool cover improvements and innovation. This in-turn allows us the unique opportunity of offering our clients a wide range of products specializing in such areas as limit switches, leading edge sliders, key-lock remote operating controls, built-in rainwater removal systems, cable compensating controls, unique dual motor hydraulic drives and special heavy duty cover recess covers.

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Automatic / Safety pool cover

On the surface, most pool covers look similar, but the most important and costly part of any pool cover is the mechanism. The patented mechanism of the HYDRAMATIC represents the best value for your durable investment. Designed to last the lifetime of your pool, the HYDRAMATIC is maintenance free, and the most reliable cover system manufactured with the most extensive warranty in the industry today.

Features and benefits
  • Unique all-fluid dual motor drive is waterproof
  • No electrics near the pool, the powerpack (pump) can be placed up to 150 feet away
  • Quick and easy to open – travels about one foot per second on average
  • Patented trouble free Leading Edge slider system and cable compensating device
  • Rainwater Removal feature built-in on most covers
  • Installation on most pool types and shapes
  • Leaves and debris are collected when the cover is opened to remove rainwater
  • Saves money on chemicals, energy and water loss from evaporation
  • Pressure relief valves gently stop the cover at end of travel
  • 20 year limited warranty on the mechanism
  • 7 year limited warranty on the cover fabric

Ways Hydramatic saves you more!

Saves Lives
An Aquamatic cover acts as a horizontal fence, and it is “safety you can see”. The primary function of the automatic cover has always been to safeguard your children and pets from the pool and minimize the risks inherent with pool ownership. The ICC has recently recognized automatic covers as stand alone barriers. Additionally both the Hydramatic and the EZ-Cover exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety and closure. As durable as these are, they are not intended as a toy and should only be walked on in an emergency. Of course there no substitute for adult supervision.

Saves Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy states that 75 % of heat loss is from evaporation, along with the evaporation, you will have water and chemical loss while incurring the cost of increased pump and filtration time of an uncovered pool. By utilizing an automatic pool cover you will eliminate your evaporative loss.

Saves Money
An automatic cover will reduce your pool operating costs by as much as 70 % through
reduction of water, chemical and energy consumption. Additionally your other pool equipment will work less and last longer. You will also realize a full return on your cover investment in a relatively short time.

*On indoor pools, the automatic cover will act as a vapor barrier, which allows you to reduce both the size and operating time of your dehumidification equipment saving you additional money. *

Saves Time
Spend less time skimming and more time swimming. A pool with a cover is always clean, warm and debris free. Which in turn, will allow you to have more time to enjoy your backyard oasis with your friends and family.

Saves Resources
The pool cover will act as a solar collector and will passively heat your pool through radiant transfer. Our customers have found on average their pool temperature has increased by as much as 10 to 15 degrees while also extending their swimming season.

Dual-Motor, all fluid Hydraulic Cover Drive System

The Hydramatic drive is a closed loop system, and although a drain is required in the cover recess, inadvertent flooding does not mean expensive electric motor replacement.

No electrics near the pool for greater safety. All electric power and switches are remote at the equipment pad which also means fewer problems with inspections.

Hydraulic drives are compact yet powerful, and can be easily controlled to provide only as much as is needed to operate the cover. Hydraulics are durable, and the most popular drive unit for wet and hostile environments and are the preferred choice of builders, designers and architects.

Hydraulics are widely used in heavy equipment for their durability and reliability. The unique patented Dual-Motor Hydramatic system eliminates mechanical linkage and clutches to start and then change direction of the cover. It has the least number of parts of any other automatic pool cover system, yet has a full range of safety and convenience features. Originally designed for commercial and other high use applications exclusive to Aquamatic.

The Hydramatic cover system has a patented built-in rainwater removal feature on most applications. When rainwater collects on the cover surface, simply turn the key to open the cover, and the water will be forced through the screens into the pool. The screen mesh will collect the leaves and most debris. A computerized cover pump is also provided with all cover systems exclusive to Aquamatic.

Cover Travel Limits
The cover is gently and reliably stopped at each end of travel by our patented pressure relief valves, eliminating the need of electronic sensors or other electrical devices near the pool.

The Hydramatic cover is UL tested and certified to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for pool safety.

The cover system comes with a limited 20 year warranty on the mechanism, a limited 7 year warranty on the covers and a limited 10 year warranty on the polymer panels. For additional information, contact your Aquamatic representative.


Cover any converging pool or spa shape

HydraLux Advanced Pool Covers HydraLux automatic covers set the standard for excellence in every category, with a focus on energy savings, ease of use and aesthetics. HydraLux covers feature a full fluid hydraulic drive, carry a 20-year mechanism warranty and their rigid PVC slats can be customized to fit almost any pool shape.

Features and benefits
  • A HydraLux pool cover consists of rigid PVC-profiles floating on the water.
  • Opening and closing is fully automatic, and as easy as pushing a button maximizing your savings.
  • Powered by a patented hydraulic cover drive mechanism.
  • Several options for tracks and covers allow you to cover virtually any pool configuration.
  • Ideal for commercial applications.
  • Unique insulating properties of the hollow core slats maximize energy conservation.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and materials.

Model install variations

The HydraLux automatic pool cover can be installed in a many versatile ways to meet the requirements of most any pool, as shown below (check with us for any special engineering requirements).



Easy-to-Use Manual Safety Covers

Now you can have all the safety and cost savings of an automatic pool cover at a cost effective price. EZ-Cover looks and moves like an automatic cover but without the hydraulic mechanism, at about half the price. The effortless operation takes on average about 70 seconds to open and/or close the cover. It’s so easy you’ll use it daily to keep your pool safely covered anytime it’s not in use. EZ-Cover also comes complete with a seven year fabric warranty and lifetime mechanism warranty.

Features and benefits
  • Durable maintenance free operation
  • Opens and/or closes in 70 seconds on average
  • Looks like an automatic cover
  • Moves like an automatic cover
  • Exceeds ASTM standards
  • No electrical hazard near the pool
  • Excellent seven year fabric warranty
  • Lifetime mechanism warranty
  • Ideal for the do-it-yourself homeowner
  • Available in attractive below deck installations

What EZ-Cover has over most manual systems

  1. Opens and closes the pool cover.
  2. One person operation. Effortless.
  3. Fast open and close – 50 to 70 seconds.
  4. Affordable and has automatic features.
  5. Can operate to open and close the pool cover from a single location – from a wheelchair if needed.
  6. Below deck installation. Like an automatic pool cover system.
  7. Easy to use. Insert the poles into the sockets and operate it like an exercise machine.
  8. Effortless. Fingertip effort is required to operate. Good mechanical advantage.
  9. Can be operated from a standing position.
  10. Uses established automatic and exercise machine technology.
  11. Exceeds ASTM F1346-91 Standards. Mechanism can be locked to prevent cover from opening or unauthorized access.
  12. Offers leading edge slider system used on automatic deck systems. Keeps leading edge closer to the deck and more secure.
  13. No electric power needed.
  14. Easily converted to automatic pool cover.

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